DOUANE GROUP S.R.L. is offering a new solution on Romanian market for shipping bulk liquids in flexitanks, designed for transportation of liquids in 20ft dry containers.

Advantages when using our flexitanks:

- Easy fitting

- Container Owners Association and Association of American Railroads test certifications

- Accepted for carriage by most of the shipping lines

- Removes the pressure on the side walls of the container

- Relaxed selection criteria, expanding the range of usable containers Low Residue

 - Environmental Friendly

 - Elimination of bulkhead to reduce the carbon emission

 - Carbon Foot Print 40% less than conventional flexitanks

- Easy recycling

Our Collapsible Intermediate Bulk Container are the benefits of an advanced technology that replaces rigid drums and IBCs.

Easy application and stacking possibility.

Tailor made production for each project

Low cost alternative over standard drums IBC s

When empty, requires very low space for stocking and transportation.

Variety of size selection between 270lt to 2000lt

Tailor made production for each project.

Utilizes the cubic capacity of the containers or trailers

Two high stackable

With or without pallet


Liquid Chemicals


Food pastes

Viscous Liquids

Conserved foods

Ready to be used in seconds

Low Residue

Environmental Friendly

Less Carbon Foot Print compared to IBCs

NO cleaning cost

NO contamination risk

Easy recycling

Awaiting with great interest your specific inquiries!