Courier Romania – Canada and Romania - USA


DGRO offers door-to-door courier services to any destination in Canada and USA, as well as many other destinations, all over the world, with pick up from Bucharest and from all the places covered by our national courier. Our courier services are covered by international couriers. Our rates are much better than the standard rates of the couriers, as all the rates are preferential and negotiated with the international couriers by DGRO. 

Transit time for USA and Canada for the courier service is 5-6 days for pick up from Bucharest and 6-7 days for other national places of pick up.

Courier tariff can be found here.  For other destinations than USA and Canada, kindly fill in the order form or request a rate by email!

Terms and conditions for courier service

  • The goods must be packed only in cardboard boxes that are fitted for the weight and content, without previous markings
  • Maximum weight accepted for each individual parcel is 30 kg
  • Maximum dimensions  admitted are: length 60 cm / width 50 cm / height 30 cm
  • The AWB to be applied on the parcel will be issued and delivered to you by DGRO in pdf form by email. The sender (shipper) will print the AWB, add it into a plastic protection and stick it on the parcel.
  • The goods are surrendered to the courier “ready for carriage” and properly packed so that the package will stay intact during the flight and handling. DGRO is not  responsible for  pentru damaging of the goods due to inappropriate packaging.
  • No spray containers and no liquids, batteries or other dangerous products as defined by the applicable IATA regulations are accepted for courier delivery.
  • It is forbidden to dispatch goods that circulate only with special licenses / authorizations - medicines, psychotropic substances and precursors etc.
  • Responsibility for the veracity of declared rests entirely to the sender.
  • The addressee (consignee) has to comply with the legal requirements  established by the customs authorities and has to follow the instructions received from the local courier at destination. If the consignee fails to comply with the legal procedures, the goods will no longer be delivered by the courier and will follow the disposition of the customs authorities.
  • The sender (shipper) is liable for any damages that may occur due to non compliance of the goods.
  • The sender is responsible for any damages which may be caused to DGRO or third parties, as a result of shipping through packages of products, materials and values forbidden by law. Detection of parcels containing flammable and/or hazardous materials, perishable goods, weapons, drugs, objects of gold and silver, precious stones, money, live animals or other items prohibited by law will be in the sender's account, which will be held liable, criminal or administrative, as appropriate, to the authorities, as well as it will be liable for injuries caused to DGRO.
  • DGRO's liability for loss, damage or delay in the delivery of your shipment over 30 days of shipment is proportional to the damages caused, but limited to $ 10 per kilogram, irrespective of the value of the shipment
  • Pricing is made at the total weight (if more parcels are shipped in one shipment)
  • The volumetric weight of the transport is calculated by the formula LxlxH (cm) / 5000 (1 cbm = 200 kg). The chargeable weight to be taken into account is the largest of the volumetric weight and the gross weight.
  • The courier service doesn't have online tracking.

Courier shipping tariff 

Payment of the courier services

Payment will  be done prior to pick up, by the following options:

  • payment in EUR, USD, CAD or RON, by wire transfer, based on the invoice issued by DGRO
  • onlyne payment in EUR, USD or RON, via Paypal or by credit / debit card, with an additional bank fee of 5% applied.

The courier will not accept payment in cash, at pick up time. The only way payment is accepted in cash is at our workstation.

If your parcel/parcels will require customs formalities for import, according to the customs regulations of the destination country, those formalities are in the consignee's account and will be paid by the consignee, along with the duties for import.