Groupage road transport service to the Netherlands and Belgium

Among the countries of the European Union, the Netherlands and Belgium represent two countries with extensive logistical possibilities and very important traffic of goods. For this reason, linking Romania with the Netherlands and Belgium through a regular groupage road transport service was a mandatory step in offering a quality service to our customers.
Thus, whether we are talking about linking the road transport service with the LCL sea container shipping service through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, the air transport service through the airports of Amsterdam and Brussels, or just delivering the Romanian goods to any destination in the Netherlands and Belgium is a priority for us because of the importance of this service.
The pick up of the goods is carried out from all over Romania within 24-48 hours from the firm order, with delivery to any destination in the Netherlands and Belgium in about 4 to 5 days from pick up. This is a complete, fast and economical "door to door" service for the LTL groupage transport service by road.
For the safety of handling and transport operations, it is recommended that the goods be palletised and packed in such a way that they can be stacked, as it is a groupage transport mode. Regardless of the way of packaging, the merchandise must be well packaged and labeled so that the goods are not affected by successive handling and transport and the identification labels remain in good condition during these operations.
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