Cargo charter organization We organize cargo flights with chartered aircraft for the air transport of goods. For large industrial equipment, goods that require special transport conditions, refrigerated meat packed in isothermal boxes, farm animals – cows, calves, sheep, goats, rams, lambs – as well as other goods in large quantities, which require a time short and clearly defined transit, it is necessary to organize air transport with dedicated charter aircraft.

Thus, for the organization of this type of transport, we collect all the necessary information to carry out the air transport under the conditions imposed by the requirements formulated by the client and we offer the right solutions that fall within the imposed parameters. Depending on these parameters and requirements, their margin of tolerance, the availability of suitable aircraft, as well as the available budget, air transport can be organized, either exclusively by air departing from Henri Coanda International Airport, or in combined road traffic or by rail to another European airport followed by loading and air transport to the desired destination.

In this way, large quantities of goods can be transported in air traffic with charter aircraft from tens of tons to hundreds of tons, to the most distant destinations. Special attention must be paid to the preparation of this type of transport. The information provided for the organization of cargo charter air transport must be accurate and complete, any omission or inaccuracy may lead to the modification of the necessary aircraft parameters and even to the impossibility of carrying out the transport.

For this, the perfect collaboration between all parties involved in cargo transport with charter aircraft is of utmost importance.


Transporting oversized parts can be a challenging activity. However, customer requirements are often more complex, requiring services for unloading and positioning parts in a defined location. These services are often more difficult than the transport itself, and our experience will be used to the full to carry out these tasks. The easiest way to unload and position oversized parts is by using a mobile crane – we can provide mobile cranes that can lift loads of up to 300 tons.

When the use of a crane is not possible due to size restrictions, another unloading technique must be used and that is unloading using hydraulic jacks. Loads of up to 250 tons can be unloaded from the transport platforms, pulled on special metal rails and rotated on the platforms in the required position. This discharge option is used in tight spaces and is frequently encountered when positioning electrical transformers on the foundation in electrical transformer stations.