Air Cargo Charter

We offer air cargo charter brokerage services around the world for your air cargo.

For large industrial equipments, goods requiring special transport conditions, like cold meat packaged in thermally insulated boxes or medicines, livestock - cattles, sheeps, goats, lambs - as well as other commodities in large quantities, which require a short and clearly defined transit time, it is necessary to organize air transport with dedicated charter aircrafts.

Thus, in order to organize this type of transport, we collect all the information necessary for carrying out the air transport in the conditions imposed by the requirements formulated by the client and we offer the appropriate solutions that fit into the imposed parameters. Depending on these parameters and requirements, we offer the loading possibilities with the adequate aircraft and within the available budget. Air cargo charter flights can be organized either exclusively by air from Henri Coanda International Airport or by combined road traffic or rail to another European airport followed by loading and transport to the airport of destination.

In this way, large quantities of goods can be transported in air traffic by charter aircraft from tens of tons to hundreds of tons to the furthest destinations.

Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of this type of transport. The information provided for the organization of air cargo freight transport must be accurate and complete, any omission or inaccuracy may lead to modification of the required aircraft parameters and even the impossibility of shipping. For this, the perfect collaboration between all parties involved in freight transport with charter aircraft is of utmost importance.