Goods in danger of corrosion must be protected in a special packaging for sea transport and during long-term storage.

We conduct seaworthy full shrink package projects in Constanta port or on the location of your choice.

By this operation, the packed goods are sealed into VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) film and heat shrink wrap that closes off the packed goods hermetically against the outer air. The inner atmosphere is kept securely with desiccant which adsorbs the residual moisture in the sealed packaging.

The procedures usually follow the below steps:

  • adding desiccant in certain places inside the packaging
  • application of VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor)
  • packaging the entire package with heat shrink film

As a result of the above operations, the package is now sealed and ready for sea shipping, secured from corrosion caused by the moisture and high salinity of the air on sea.

After the packaging is completed, we perform lashing and securing the package on the platform, flat rack, in the container or on vessel's deck and issue a lashing certificate.

This technology is cheaper than packaging in wooden packing and provides a safe and strong packing for your sensitive cargo.