Welcome, we are glad to have you with us in discovering the best option for your consignment, either commercial or just random – personal effects, gifts for your friends living in USA, Canada, Australia or elsewhere.

We are ready to offer you all the information needed for the best option you have for shipping your goods.

The freight charges we offer are clear and cover all your demands related to your shipment.

For commercial shipments we offer air freight services in your terms of delivery, airport – to - airport, airport – to - door or door – to - door, in connection with your requirements born by the commercial relation with your suppliers / customers. Our sea freight services, either full container load or less than container load, can be offered in delivery terms CFS – CFS, door – CFS or door – to – door, by case.

For your personal consignments we offer integrated services CFS – CFS / airport – to – airport or complete services door – to – CFS / airport. You can find most of our charges in detail in our web site pages.

We are awaiting with great interest your inquiries!